Ordering Prints and Licensing Images

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Thanks for your interest in ordering prints or licensing my artwork.   

Availabilty of Prints

All images viewable on this website are for sale as prints in various sizes.  These images are archived as 254-300 dpi digital TIF files that range from 25 Mb up to 300 Mb.  Fine art quality archival prints are made for me by Empire Photo Imaging, Lakewood, Colorado, using a state-of-the-art Poli Printer, or an Epson Ultrachrome printer.  Best quality prints are available in the sizes listed in the table below; however, much larger sizes are available on a custom request or commission basis.  Smaller prints of panoramas, photomontages, mandalas, and other images are also available.  

Prints larger than the optimum sizes will lose image sharpness the bigger they are enlarged.   Also, while these prints are archival and should last 30-50 years, they should never be displayed in bright or direct sunlight, or be exposed to extremes of temperature and humidity  

Ordering Prints

I do not process credit cards though this site; however, credit card transactions for prints can be handled though Empire Photo Imaging, Lakewood, Colorado.  I do not accept personal checks or money orders for prints - sorry.  Empire can provide unmounted fine art quality prints, mounting, or complete framing of artwork - all using archival printing and framing materials. To order a print, do the following:

1.  Contact me directly by email.  If the link to the left does not load your email program, my email is doug.craft@dougcraftfineart.com.  I check my email frequently and will usually respond to your inquiry within 12-24 hours.

2.  Let me know which image(s) you want to order and the sizes of the prints (see table below).  You can copy and paste the titles or thumbnail images from the website directly into your email.  I will reply and attach the image to confirm your print selections and to let you know the price.  Keep in mind that applicable sales tax and shipping will be added when you pay by credit card.

3.  If you decide to proceed with your order, you will then call Empire Photo Imaging at 1-866-265-6226 and provide them with your credit card information.  They will let me know that your credit card transaction has been approved, and I will then deliver the image files to them for printing and processing.   If you want to have mounting or framing done, they can provide those services and will quote you a prices on top of the price for the print that I give you.

4.  I personally inspect, approve, and sign all prints before they are shipped.  I will replace any print damaged in shipping for free.  If your print fades or is damaged after receipt, I will sell you a replacement print at cost plus shipping.

Print Type
Size, cm
Size, in
Price - US $
     Golden Rectangles: Coils, Microphotos, Macrophotos, Experimental, Landscapes 34 cm x 21 cm 13.4" x 8.3" $150
Square-Root of Five:  Elements Series, panorama landscapes, fractals, and other collages 47 cm x 21 cm 18.5" x 8.3" $175
Proportional Offest Squares: Elements Series 21 cm x 21 cm 8.25" x 8.25" $125
Square root of Five Mandalas - Solar Mandalas, Elements Series mandalas 47 cm x 47 cm
76 cm x 76 cm
18.5" x 18.5"
30" x 30"
One+3(Φ)Collages: Elements Series 60 cm x 25 cm 26.6" x 9.8" $250
Double Golden Rectangles:  Panoramas 64 cm x 21 cm 25.2" x 8.3" $250
Triple Golden Rectangles:  Panoramas, photomontages 102 cm x 21 cm 40.2" x 8.3" $450
Framed Photomontages 18.8 cm x 91.4 cm image 7.5" x 36"
frame 42" x 13"
Photomontage Prints 102 cm x 21 cm 40.2" x 8.3" $350

Licensing Images

Fine art collages, paintings, and limited numbers of specifically identified images are NOT available for license. However, almost all other images from "stock" categories are available: Panorama-Landscape, Microphotography, Macrophotography, and Experimental images.  I will issue limited-use licenses for the following purposes:  advertising art, greeting cards, calendars, magazines, and fine art or technical books.  My work is not available for apparel or household products.

My licensing fees are based on standard formulas that consider size of reproduction, number of units, and the geographic extent of distribution.  My licensing fees are reasonable and will be considerably less than those charged by Corbis and other large stock image libraries.   Artists who wish to use my stock images in fine art collage will only be charged a nominal fee, and I will consider gratis use of my images by nonprofits, charities, and teachers. Please email me with your proposal or licensing idea.

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