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Sacred Geometry Information
Doug's list of books and references on Sacred Geometry

Reciprocal Links

Novus Fine Art Prints  is the home of Pamela and Scott Marshall, Atlanta art consultants and brokers. They are also active in the Atlanta gallery scene and represent several artists on their website.

Empire Photo Imaging  is a small Lakewood, Colorado, business that I trust with all my photo finishing and fine art printing needs. They are good people and are my auhorized printer for all orders from this website.

Clare Goodwin's Mandala Page:  An exploration of the mandala as a tool for growth and the discovery of the self. Includes an extensive guide to mandala resources in print and on the Web.

Harusami  is a Denver artist and web designer who runs an impressive and well-written spirituality site, Soul2Soul. She has pages within her site that feature artists whose work embodies spiritual purpose or themes.

Painter Alex Norwood grew up in Winston-Salem, NC and received his BFA from VCU in Richmond, Virginia in 1971. Gay culture and politics, meditation and spiritual aspirations, heavy drinking and recovery, plus artistic mania have all contributed to his evolution. Green is Alex’s favorite color and he paints with 2 inch brushes. He is a member of the SEED Coop Art Gallery in Winston-Salem. Image of "Touchdown, "painting © 2008 Alex Norwood
Image of "Touchdown", painting by Alex Norwood

Senol Sak is a Turkish artist from Bolu who has seen the soul of fishes and paints them wonderfully. He is currently the Director of Art at the Bolu Municipality MehmetYuceturk Art Center, and a member of UNESCO-aıap International Association of Art and GESAM. Image of fish painting © 2008 Senol Sak.

Image of fish painting - copyright Senol Sak 2008

Molecular Expressions is one of the best information and image websites for optical microscopy on the Internet. Go here if you want to learn more about the history of the microscope and the techniques used by professional microscopists.This site features lots of stunning microphotos and really cool Java tutorials.  Banner image used with permission, © 1995-2008 by Michael W. Davidson and The Florida State University.

Banner image that links to Molecular Expressions website

Belinda Subraman is a writer, activist, and artist who is also a wise woman. She is the editor and publisher of, a great web magazine for artists and musicians. Her poetry performances with musical accompaniment, under the name Belinda and K.C., can be heard on their MySpace profile. Images © 2006 Brelinda Subraman

Copyright 2006 Belinda SubramanCopyright 2006 belinda Subraman

Domenico Ghirlandaio (1449 - January 11, 1494) was a renowned Florentine Renaissance painter, a contemporary of Botticelli and Filippino Lippi. His many apprentices included Michelangelo. Image of Portrait courtesy of

Portrait by Domenico Ghirlandaio 1449-1494

Victor-Hugo Vaca II is a Miami painter and photographer. "My artwork aims to induce feelings in the viewer which lead to self examination. I paint what I see around me and what my eyes see is the 'beautiful chaos' which thrusts life forward." Image © 2006 Victor-Hugo Vaca II.

Copyright 2006 Victor-Hugo Vaca II

Chris Quinlan is a self taught Irish abstract artist, born 1968 in Templemore Co. Tipperary. Image © 2006, Chris Quinlan

The Lightscapes Webring is an international site dedicated to images photographed using polarizing microscopes. Hosted my Martin Mooz from Berlin, this site shows beautiful microscopic images and links for information on polarizing microscopy.

Lorraine Huber  is a Scottish artist who works in Edinburgh. Her original modern abstract paintings and ceramics can be found in many private and corporate collections throughout the UK, Europe and the USA. Image © 2005, Lorraine Huber

Link to Lorraine Huber's Abstract Loft Site

Gérard Bertrand is a French collagist whose most recent series celebrates Franz Kafka and Marcel Proust. Image © 2005, Gérard Bertrand

Jonathan Talbot is a master painter, printmaker, collagist, and author. His art website includes several well developed link sites, notably, an excellent artist resource. Image of Nasci Patrin, © 2002, Jonathan Talbot

The Mandala Project:  founded by Lori Bailey Cunningham, is dedicated to promoting peace through art and education. It offers a wide variety of mandalas contributed by artists and is a visual demonstration of individuals coming together to create something larger than themselves while maintaining their personal uniqueness.

Kelly Moore "My paintings are my pointless attempts to wake up my higher nature as eye play with the beauty and the beast within myself." Image © 2006, Kelly Moore.
Art by Kelly Moore

Affordable Original Art to buy online. Stunning seascapes, landscapes, florals and vibrant abstracts - Unique inspirational designs to buy or commission direct from Internationally selling UK artist Jean G. Dayton. Image of oil painting, Aqua, 30" x 30", © 2007 Jean G. Dayton

Aqua - Painting by Jean G. Dayton, Copyright 2007 Jean G. Dayton

Hand painted religious icons on wood and abstract oil paintings by Ioan Popei.

Ioan Popei icon

Jonathan Knight is a UK based animal sculptor providing bronze horse, bird, and other animal sculptures. Image of Grizzly Bear used with permission © 2011 Jonathan Knight.

Copyright 2011 Jonathan Knight

The Canon Gallery, suppliers of oil paintings, watercolours, sculptures and modern furniture in the UK. They specialize in watercolors and oils featuring modern British paintings, and European and Victorian paintings with landscape, seascape, nature, and animal themes. Image of Two Ladies in a Punt, by Claude Allin Shepperson (1867-1937).

Painting available from The Canon Gallery UK

Goodwin Adams is a UK fine art dealer providing decorative oil paintings, Chinese trade paintings, 20th century etchings, watercolour paintings, decorative gift ideas, architecture paintings, and 18th and 19th century prints.

Goodwin Adams Logo


Other Sites I Like:

Mike Vargas  Mike is an extraordinay musician and composer who has worked extensively in the modern dance world for the past 30 years. He is currently collaborating and teaching with dancer Nancy Stark Smith, an innovator in contact improvisation. Mike's specialty is improvisation, and he published an article in the journal Contact Quarterly on the aesthetics of music.

QForma Home of Dr. Roger Jones, a pioneer and master practicioner of complexity science and predictive models based on the way nature really works. These guys really know what the hell they are doing, and Roger is one of my oldest and dearest friends.

CORE New Art Space I was a member of CORE for several years, and it is one of the most respected co-op galleries in Denver since it was originally formed in 1980.

Pirate: A Contemporary Art Oasis Along with CORE, Pirate is one of the original co-op galleries in Denver. Pirate is also the art house of founder Phil Bender.

Music by Robert Rich Robert is one of the best practicioners of ambient and space music and is also a very skilled and talented musician.

Bruce Rawles Sacred Geometry Website This site provides a good tutorial and extensive links to other Sacred Geometry websites and resources from the mathematical to the metaphysical.

ReSolutionaries, Inc. Dr. Beverly Title is a world renowned teacher and practicioner of practical and cost effective conflict resolution methods and the ReSolutionaries website describes all the services offered by her organization. I have a great deal of respect for Beverly because she is consciously walking the walk to help make the world a better place.

Rob Brezsny's Freewill Astrology Rob has a very positive and insightful attitude that has been helpful to me many times. He is also a hell of a writer and a major hippie trickster. Check his site to get a breath of fresh air and horoscopes for those who believe the universe is a "giant problem solving machine."

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