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jpg image of fine art mandala collage by Artist Doug Craft from the 2006 Solar Collages in Golden Ratio series of workThere is a perfection and unity of form in nature that I believe represents fundamental aesthetic beauty.  Nature is sublimely organized from the subatomic to the cosmic scale following the mathematics of fractional symmetry (fractals), self similarity, and the Golden Ratio.  For example, adjacent bones in your fingers, adjacent chambers in the shell of a chambered nautilus, and the positions of the features on your face are all scaled according to the Golden Ratio.  Golden Ratio proportioned branching is seen in microscopic crystals, bird feathers, and trees.  The same forms also appear at vastly different size scales in nature: the structural model of the atom is repeated at the solar system and galactic scale, and many microscopic and satellite images are very similar in appearance.

In addition to appearing as a proportion throughout nature, the Golden Ratio has been recognized and used as a formal element by artists throughout the ages.  My collage, photography, and painting continues the ancient tradition of appreciation for this universal geometry with forms based on the Golden Rectangle (aspect ratio of 1: 1.618), overlapping Golden Rectangles (square root of 5 rectangles, aspect ratio 1: 2.236), and other combinations of proportional squares and Golden Rectangles.

My work juxtaposes Golden Proportional images of nature from several levels of magnification, from the microscopic to the cosmic, applying the concept of a Collage of Backgrounds.  These abstract natural images are actually representational and obey the same geometric and mathematical laws of form that are similar at all scales of enlargement.  This combination of micro, macro, landscape, and planetary scaled images in Golden Ratios dramatically underscores the unity of fractal forms in nature.  Further, my work suggests that formal beauty in art is based on a recognition and emulation of universal structure, and that abstraction and realism are part of the same underlying process.

Thanks for taking the time to view my work. I am currently arranging and promoting my own exhibitions, but would welcome inquiries regarding gallery representation or licensing of specific artwork. Contact me if you have questions concerning my work or are interested in purchase details.

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